"The most dependable way to attract more clients and be positioned for success online is to establish authority and trust with Google"

Jeff Sommers

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From an Internet Marketing perspective a citation is simply where your company is mentioned on other websites and places found on the Internet.

Local citations are most important if you want to rank in local search results.  Read more

Reviews and testimonials

Testimonials are written or recorded statements from your clients about the quality of service you have provided. They can be in a written form. and audio or a video format. All are acceptable but they are of little use if you have them filed at the office. Read more

My name is Jeff Sommers.

Jeff SommersI am a Reputation Marketing Specialist

I help Local Service Businesses establish Authority And Trust online with Google.

To do this I must satisfy Google by doing all the things it likes.

Better rankings mean you are found more easily online by your prospective clients who in turn start to trust you because they find you in multiple places with good reviews and testimonials.

This brings more clients to your door and more income for you,

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