Competition Domination

Discover The Strategy That Will Dominate Your Competitors In Google Search Google endeavours to give searchers the best result when looking online for goods and services Google will reward trust as generated by the number of 5 star reviews. (this is Social Proof) Google will reward Authority. ( this will be depend on the number […]

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Website Hosting Requirements

When choosing your hosting provider there are certain factors you need to consider. Look for local. If the server is on the other side of the world then accessing the server from Australia slows the website down. Do they provide SSL encryption as part of their service. Without it Google labels the website as Not […]

Hosting Plus Security

Website Sesurity

This is your Basic website plus Hosting and Security You get Your 5 page website Plus the legal pages Includes your first year Hosting Your First Year Security Your SSL Encryption It is a responsive design built on WordPress You again provide all images and content Any images I have to provide will be added […]

Website With Hosting

Website with Hosting

This is similar to a Basic Website but includes hosting that I recommend on a fast local server You will still get the 5 page website plus The legal pages I will provide SSL encryption It will be a WordPress Responsive website to satisfy Google’s requirements. One year of hosting is provided and thereafter it […]

Basic Website Design

Basic Website Design

This is the Basic Website Design Package It is built on your domain with your hosting. You provide all images and content (After all nobody knows your business like you do) It will be built with WordPress which Google ranks easier It will have SSL Encryption if you have arranged it with your hosting provider. […]

Website Design

Affordable Website Design Most local businesses do not need a complex website and a basic 5 page website will be all they need We can build a basic website This will be built on your domain and as a bonus I will provide 6 months hosting Everything will be in your name …… You own […]

Website Penetration

I Can Almost Guarantee That Your Website Has Been Subjected To Online Penetration By Unscrupulous People. That is Scary… The following explanation is technical but it is real.. you do not have to understand the details just protect yourself I started doing website security for myself and some clients. The software I use gives me reports […]

Google Reviews Are Crucial

Why Google Reviews? Google is often the first point of contact between a customer and a business. From finding local service providers (eg. plumbers, electricians etc) to simply looking up a forgotten phone number consumers are always entering keywords into Google to help them find whatever they want to know If they want to discover […]