Authority and Trust

Discover the 7 Steps to Building Authority and Trust Online There are 7 steps to proving your Authority and building Trust with both Google and your clients. Get Listed—in as many placed online as possible. Responsive website—more people are accessing the internet by phone these day than by computers. SSL certificate— to have a safer […]

SEO Website Design

What is SEO Website Design? This is a much more complex website than the basic one for Local Service providers It is intended for the more serious marketers who appreciate the fact that to get more leads for their business they must do something different to they competitors. They must also comply with Google’s stringent […]

Why Website Security

Website Security is not to be confused with Computer Security. Computer security is protecting your computer from viruses that are downloaded from the internet, hidden in seemingly innocuous files. Website security on the other hand is preventing hackers from accessing your website and destroying or corrupting the information you have there. It is impossible to […]


The most popular Social Media is Facebook Nearly everyone has a Facebook Personal Page When you are in business you can add a Business Page which is attached to your personal page solely for Administration purposes. You will be the only one to have access to both. The business page is set up separately and […]

Protect Your Website

Have you ever considered the consequences if your website is hacked? These are some of the problems you could face if your website is hacked Your website could simply disappear Your website could have strange messages in other languages. This chases away anyone visiting your site and they may stay away for a long time […]

Overall Marketing Strategy

The overall Reputation Marketing Strategy is based on four key criteria Create a Five Star Culture within your Business Collect and publish Five Star Reviews from your satisfied customers Market those Reviews across the internet Monitor Online Reputation and provide feedback 1. Create a 5 Star Culture within your business This is achieved by educating […]


Your LinkedIn profile is a must if you are Business to Business (B2B) as distinct from Business to Consumer (B2C) You must have a professional headshot taken. Selfies do not cut it here. People deal with people and any prospective client needs to know who you are. These are usually professional people who have to […]

Responsive Website

You could be losing up to 50% of new business that should be coming your way! David McMahon, a marketing consultant from Crocodile Marketing said “Studies by Google suggests that local searches lead 50% of mobile phone users to visit the stores within 24 hours.  That is a lot of foot traffic and potential sales.” That’s right. Over […]


What is a Citation? From an Internet Marketing perspective a citation is simply where your company is mentioned on other websites and places found on the Internet. Local citations are most important if you want to rank in local search results. A Citation will include: Business Name Address Phone Number In all instances it must be […]