twitterTwitter is very popular these days

Twitter is a form of microblogging where you have short messages sent out to the world.There is a limit of 140 characters in each post.

The idea is that short messages are very targeted and can be easily scanned

The aim is to get retweeted so that the message goes viral.

You can follow others and many will follow you back and then they receive your posts and they receive yours.

Because the page fills up quickly you may need to repost

You can work the system by placing a hyperlink to your website where the message you have just tweeted about can be read in full.

In this way Twitter is fast becoming a new marketing tool for savvy marketers.

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The most popular Social Media is Facebook

Nearly everyone has a Facebook Personal Page

When you are in business you can add a Business Page which is attached to your personal page solely for Administration purposes.

You will be the only one to have access to both.

The business page is set up separately and when you promote it, your clients will not be able to see the connection.

You post regularly and include several items of free information before you try to sell anything

Boosting posts get them seen by more people.

You can select who will see your ad based on your clients profile.

  • How old are your clients?
  • Are they male or female?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their interests?

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LinkedIn Logo

Your LinkedIn profile is a must if you are Business to Business (B2B) as distinct from Business to Consumer (B2C)

You must have a professional headshot taken. Selfies do not cut it here.

People deal with people and any prospective client needs to know who you are.

These are usually professional people who have to know, like and trust you before they start dealing with you

They will know you when

  • they see your photo
  • they read your bio, which must be complete by the way

They will like you when

  • they see a professional photo
  • learn of your interests  ( we all tend to like people with the same interests as ours)
  • see your qualifications

They will trust you when

  • they see your achievements
  • the read testimonials about you

You need to regularly post free advice that is relevant in your industry.

You will be notified about peoples birthdays and any job anniversaries and position changes.

It is a good idea to post congratulation messages at this time but do not use the default. It is the lazy way and not really appreciated.

Your message should include their name and specific details about what they are being congratulated for.

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