What is a Testimonial? Testimonials are written or recorded statements from your clients about the quality of service you have provided. They can be in a written form. and audio or a video format. All are acceptable but they are of little use if you have them filed at the office. To be effective they should be readily […]

Google Reviews Are Crucial

Why Google Reviews? Google is often the first point of contact between a customer and a business. From finding local service providers (eg. plumbers, electricians etc) to simply looking up a forgotten phone number consumers are always entering keywords into Google to help them find whatever they want to know If they want to discover […]

Authority and Trust

Discover the 7 Steps to Building Authority and Trust Online There are 7 steps to proving your Authority and building Trust with both Google and your clients. Get Listed—in as many placed online as possible. Responsive website—more people are accessing the internet by phone these day than by computers. SSL certificate— to have a safer […]

Overall Marketing Strategy

The overall Reputation Marketing Strategy is based on four key criteria Create a Five Star Culture within your Business Collect and publish Five Star Reviews from your satisfied customers Market those Reviews across the internet Monitor Online Reputation and provide feedback 1. Create a 5 Star Culture within your business This is achieved by educating […]