Website Penetration

I Can Almost Guarantee That Your Website Has Been Subjected To Online Penetration¬†By Unscrupulous People. That is Scary… The following explanation is technical but it is real.. you do not have to understand the details just protect yourself I started doing website security for myself and some clients. The software I use gives me reports … Read more

Why Website Security

Website Security is not to be confused with Computer Security. Computer security is protecting your computer from viruses that are downloaded from the internet, hidden in seemingly innocuous files. Website security on the other hand is preventing hackers from accessing your website and destroying or corrupting the information you have there. It is impossible to … Read more

Protect Your Website

Have you ever considered the consequences if your website is hacked? These are some of the problems you could face if your website is hacked Your website could simply disappear Your website could have strange messages in other languages. This chases away anyone visiting your site and they may stay away for a long time … Read more