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What is a Citation?

From an Internet Marketing perspective a citation is simply where your company is mentioned on other websites and places found on the Internet.

Local citations are most important if you want to rank in local search results.
A Citation will include:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

In all instances it must be identical.

This means that St. is different to Street. Dr. is different to Drive.

You cannot have a local phone number in one place and a mobile in another It is best to use them both together. Also a phone number with spaces is different to a phone number without spaces. At least it is to Google.

If you change address then you must change it in every location where it appears on the internet.Otherwise Google thinks you are different businesses.

Remember that Google wants to give searchers the best possible results when they type in search terms.

For local service based businesses the search will include a location. Hence the need for a accurate address.

To  give this service Google is constantly searching the internet so that it has readily available information to provide the searcher.

If you want to get the maximum power out of Google Search then you must make it easy for Google to identify your business everywhere there is mention of it.

Fragmented citations makes it more difficult for Google to deliver you more leads.

Make sure your citations are where they count most:  

  • Google My Business,
  • Facebook Business Page and at least
  • 25 local directories
  • Citations prove who you are and where you are.

So endeavour to get the most leverage out of this important part of your marketing.

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