Google My Business

Google My Business has been upgraded because Google wants to know more about your business

Google My Business

It was previously called Google Plus and it has had several changes in the last few years.

Google’s customers are not those with websites or even the advertisers.

Google’s main customers are those searching online for goods and services.

Google is endeavouring to provide them with the most relevant results for their search.

When your Google My Business Page is set up correctly, Google will know

  • What type of business you have.
  • The services you provide.
  • Your contact details.
  • Where you are located.
  • When you are open for business.
  • If you provide your services at the clients address or your own.
  • If customers come to you Google will supply full directions on how to find you.
  • How much people trust you (based on the number of positive reviews you have from satisfied customers.
  • There will even be links to your websites
  • If you add articles,events or special offers to clients,Google will promote them.

Most pages I have seen are not set up correctly and many have been set up by Google and lack basic information or even have inaccurate information.

In this instance there will usually be a question “Is this your business?” giving you a chance to claim it.

To set up a Google My Business account

You must first of all have a gmail account. You do not have to use it as your regular email account but Google requires one to be set up.

The Gmail account is necessary to use any of Googles tools and it is the way Google will communicate with you

Are you a legitimate business?

When first setting it up Google wants to know you are legitimate and have a real business presence.

To prove you are genuine Google will send a postcard to your business address with a password on it and your Google My Business Page will not operate until you add the password to authenticate the listing.

Once authenticated you can add details about your business including photos and videos.

The more you add the better. Include a full description of what you do and include your business hours and contact details.

Google Maps

This will also link with Google Maps so clients can find you easily

This site is the best place to get your clients to leave testimonials. Once you have five or more reviews Google will give you a star rating.

This means you are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers

Businesses that add photos and videos to their listing get 42% more requests for driving instructions to the business location and have 35% more clicks to the website.

Google has provided this service to identify local businesses who provide excellent service.

This way Google gives their customers access to the best service providers around.

Good service providers get more customers.

A win/win situation.

Setting up and managing your Google My Business Page should be the engine that drives Local Marketing or Local SEO

All the rest like Facebook, Instagram and Adwords are optional extras depending on your budget.

If you want your Google My Business Page set up and managed contact

Jeff at Reputation Marketing Specialist


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