Google Reviews Are Crucial

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Why Google Reviews?

Google is often the first point of contact between a customer and a business. From finding local service providers (eg. plumbers, electricians etc) to simply looking up a forgotten phone number consumers are always entering keywords into Google to help them find whatever they want to know If they want to discover how one business compares with another they look for other peoples experiences. In other words Reviews. Naturally they will mostly want to choose the best. In this case the best according to the number and the star rating of the reviews. Most of the new business will go to those businesses with the most number of four and five star reviews.Five Star Reviews Those with three stars or less will attract far less new business. Reviews on Google are trusted the most by consumers. In fact studies from Brightlocal suggest that up to 93% of consumers use reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad. Reviews are also taken into account by Google when ranking your website because Google wants to give its searchers the most trusted sites they can find.

So how easy is it to get reviews?

Reputation Marketing Reviews

Let us look at a few examples of those who ignored the importance of reviews.

I was having trouble with my washing machine so I googled local washing machine repairers. I found four Two had bad reviews. Two had no reviews. So I would not trust any of them and purchased a new washing machine. My daughter saw something she liked advertised on TV. She immediately googled the product and found poor reviews and decided not to buy it.

Reviews are proof that you are good at what you do.

They establish authority and trust both with Google and with the customer. Google wants their clients (the searchers on Google) to get the best experience they can. So Google shows them what it considers the lest local businesses Reviews are the most effective SEO that local business can get.

Reviews Matter

What if there was a simple system that made it possible to collect 4 and 5 star reviews from satisfied customers while weeding out the 3 stars and less. What if this took less than 60 seconds per customer to activate Would you be interested? What if you only had to insert your client’s name and mobile number (just takes a few seconds) and then the system does the rest. Discover how easy and effective it is Here is the link to the video again

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