Protect Your Website

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Have you ever considered the consequences if your website is hacked?

These are some of the problems you could face if your website is hacked

  • Your website could simply disappearWebsite Security
  • Your website could have strange messages in other languages.
  • This chases away anyone visiting your site and they may stay away for a long time or even forever
  • Your website could look the same but have malware installed which could
    • Gather your personal information
    • Infect clients computers
    • Gather clients information
    • Redirect to another site
    • Get you blacklisted by Google
    • To name a few
  • This could cost you big time
You can protect your website on various levels Your username should never be admin or Admin or even your name Your password should never be a word that appears in any dictionary or a persons name. Instead choose a username chosen at random from your dictionary Passwords should be 12 or more characters long with no pattern and be a combination of
  1. letters and numbers
  2. upper and lower case
  3. include symbols from your keyboard like ^% etc
These passwords will never be able to be remembered so store them in special programs like Roboform or Last Pass Check out this post also   For more advanced protection

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