SEO Website Design

SEO Website Design

What is SEO Website Design?

This is a much more complex website than the basic one for Local Service providers

It is intended for the more serious marketers who appreciate the fact that to get more leads for their business they must do something different to they competitors.

They must also comply with Google’s stringent rules.

As the name implies SEO Website Design means that the website itself is designed to do a fair amount of the SEO required.

Your website is hosted on a local very fast server.

SSL Encryption, which means Google rates it as secure. (No SSL Encryption sites are penalised by Google)

It is Responsive ( this means it shows up on mobile devices and is favoured by Google)

It is built on WordPress, the platform Google knows best

More Pages are added.

A blog about your services

SEO Website Design also includes the legal pages Google requires for websites

  • Policy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • Copyright

The package also includes

Website Security as described on this page for a period of 12 months

Hosting on our fast servers for 12 months.

Thereafter Website Hosting is $200 per year and Security is $300 per year

The value of a SEO Website Design Package is $1995

To discuss this package and what it can do for your business….

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