SSL Certificates

Why do you need a SSL Certificate?

The main reason for most people is that Google will penalise you in the rankings is you do not have one. If you check the page 1 listings in any category you will rarely find a listing where the  URL starts with http://. They are nearly all https://

But let us look at what it is and does.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and they might become mandatory real soon.

The primary reason for a SSL  is to encrypt sensitive information such as usernames and passwords and also credit card details. This encryption means that it can only be read by the server you are sending the information to. No one else can listen in. In effect it protects the information from hacking and identity theft

Google is taking security seriously and wants to protect its customers (those who are searching the internet). Hence it will not show searchers sites that it believes are unsafe.

Another thing that is happening is that sites that do not have SSL certificates are actually being labelled as unsafe. That frightens away any potential customers.

Examples are as follows:

This last one would be better phrased  as Dangerous or Not Secure. The Not only refers to Secure.

This has not happened on all sites YET but it is  being rolled out across the world so it is not a matter of “IF” you will be affected but rather “WHEN”.

To check your site add your URL (your website address) into the search bar

Some addresses have a i in a circle before the website address. Click on this.

Most of the sites I have checked will the indicate Not Secure.

Sites with SSL certificates are easily checked.

SSL CerificatesThe URL will start with https:// instead of http://.

It will also be labelled Secure in the address bar

It is far better to prepare in advance

Google accepts SSL certificates as proof of safety.

The cost of SSL certificates varies depending on the level of protection need. They can vary in price up to around $900 per year for the highest level encryption

For my clients who host their websites through me, the cost of the SSL certificate is included in the hosting fee of only $20 per month or $200 for the year. Payment in advance give you two months free)

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