Why Website Security

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Website Security is not to be confused with Computer Security.

Computer security is protecting your computer from viruses that are downloaded from the internet, hidden in seemingly innocuous files. Website security on the other hand is preventing hackers from accessing your website and destroying or corrupting the information you have there. It is impossible to make your website 100% hacker proof. If hackers can get into NASA,the Pentagon and Google they can get in anywhere. Some hackers do it for money, some for espionage but the majority are not seeking any financial gain. They hack just because they can. When they are successful it gives them bragging rights amongst their colleagues. Just like graffiti artists, they do it for the fame. I used to think
“Why would anyone want to hack my sites?”
Website Hacking Then I got hacked and had to completely rebuild my website. Recently before writing this I have spoken to 3 local business owners who have had their sites hacked in the past year. According to Forbes Magazine 30,000 websites are hacked every day. That amounts to 10,950,000 sites per year. You can get security plugins which are supposed to block access but consider the challenge to hackers. To hack a website through a security plugin would be a great achievement.

What can you do?

If you want to avoid being amongst these statistics there are few things that can be done to make it harder for hackers in the hope they will access easier targets. To start with: Are you using the default username for WordPress “admin”? If you are and the majority of websites have this username then the hacker only needs to work out the password. So think up an unusual username that is not directly related to you or your family. The theme you are using may be another avenue the hacker uses to access your website. Updates to themes are done for two reasons
  • To improve functionality
  • To close security risks
The same goes for plugins. Every week I need to update plugins or themes on my websites. I have seen clients websites that have needed up to 20 updates to reduce this security risk. Some of these might even require updates to updates. While this reduces some of the risks it does not eliminate them. You also need to backup your whole site regularly. Some backup programs only backup a few files. You need a full backup each time. Some programs backup to your server. If the server has problems then you lose both your website and your backup. For this reason a Full Backup should be made to a remote location. Then if something goes wrong you have the peace of mind in knowing that your website can be rebuilt quickly from the backup. Many website owners are too busy to do this themselves so we can do it for you.
  • Weekly updates of themes and plugins.
  • Removal unused themes and plugins
  • Full backup to a remote location.
  • Free restoration of the website from the backup if a problem occurs
This can be done for you at $250 per year on your WordPress website

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