What you may want to know about me

My name is Jeff SommersJeff Sommers and I was a registered pharmacist for over 40 years.

In that time I have owned and operated two pharmacies and managed others

In almost all of my Pharmacy career I have literally been Pharmacist in Charge. That is the title that must legally be shown in every pharmacy.

I got almost every position I applied for.

  • I missed out on one because I was not female
  • And another because I did not speak Italian

My Reputation

Over the years I realised that this was mainly based on my reputation.

Of course back then everything was Word of Mouth not the internet.

Word of Mouth was one person talking to another.

Now reputation is even more important because what is on the internet is seen by hundreds if not thousands of people.

No one can please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

Someone sometime is going to be displeased with the service you have given.

In fact when someone suffers a bad experience they are 50% more likely to share it on Social Media than those who have had a good experience.( Marketing Charts)

Many of these bad experiences are because of false expectations and are not deserved.

Lets face it though, those businesses that give poor service deserve all the flack they get,

But there are many business people who give excellent service but are faced with clients who have unrealistic expectations.

 That is why I started Reputation Marketing Specialist.

My systems and strategies will help to promote and more importantly market a good reputation.

It is good to have a lot of good things being said about you online before anything negative happens. That is being pro-active

Instead we often see business owners only want something done when the worst happens. That is reactive thinking.

When a lot of good things are written about you and a bad review comes along it is then diluted by the strength of the good reviews

If however something bad is the only thing people can find,it takes a lot of work to counter the bad press.

The three basic strategies I recommend are:

I call this program Reputation Domination

 Then when someone leaves a testimonial it can be placed directly on your Google My Business Page by the person who writes it. This carries far more trust than testimonials that only appear on your website

And we market that testimonial in image and video formats across your Social Media Platforms

For more information contact

Jeff at Reputation Marketing Specialist

Email:  jeff@reputationmarketingspecialist.com.au

Phone:  0419 418 951